Logicenters signs lease with Padel United in Jönköping

One of Sweden’s largest padel organisations is now moving into Logicenters’ facility in Torsvik, Jönköping. Padel United has signed a long-term lease with the logistics property company. The lease is a for a 45 000 m2 facility where Padel United rents an area of a total 6,000 m2. The tenant is expected to move in by the end of 2021.

Logicenters is continuing to strengthen its presence in the Jönköping region. In the summer of 2021, the logistics property company signed a lease with Padel United. The long-term lease is for a 45,000 m2 logistics area where Padel United rents an area of a total 6,000 m2 located at Möbelvägen 7 in Torsvik, Jönköping. In line with Logicenters’ other new developments, the property will have a clear environmental focus and the facility will be prepared for the installation of solar cells on the roof.

“We are delighted to welcome Padel United to its new facility in Jönköping at the end of 2021. The region is one of the country’s most important logistics hubs and we are proud to further strengthen our presence in Torsvik. Our modern properties were in line with the tenant’s wishes, so we saw potential to develop our partnership with Padel United. During this process, it also became clear that we share the same focus on environmental issues and a great deal of thought has been put into achieving Padel United’s sustainability goals,” says Fredrik Nygren, Commercial Manager at Logicenters.

Before Padel United moves in, the logistics facility will be further equipped to meet the tenant’s needs. The facility will be fitted out with 14 padel courts, with both single and centre courts. Logicenters will also install a sauna overlooking the courts.

“We at Padel United are very excited to be opening our Jönköping site. So far, Logicenters has catered to all our needs and during this process we have put a great deal of energy into everything from soundproofing to ventilation with the aim of creating the most open and comfortable environment possible for all padel players. We also see enormous potential in the facility’s location, which is in the centre of Torsvik, close to good transport links and close to everyone in the area. We look forward to welcoming all padel lovers at the end of 2021, says Anton Sjöberg, Regional Manager South at Padel United.

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