Logicenters and Soltech in solar cell investment for Dustin

A 2,400 m2 solar plant is now ready for commissioning at a logistics property in Rosersberg outside Stockholm. Logicenters, the logistics property company, and Soltech Energy’s subsidiary, Soltech Energy Solutions, are behind the solar investment at the property, where Dustin is a tenant. The property will also be certified according to BREEAM.

At Logicenters’ property in Rosersberg, north of Stockholm, Soltech Energy Solutions has now built and installed a solar plant on an area of 2,400 m2. Soltech Energy Solutions has extensive experience of green energy solutions and large-scale solar energy facilities. The facility will now be commissioned and will then generate large quantities of green electricity for the tenant Dustin.

“It’s great that this project with Soltech Energy Solutions and Dustin has now been completed. It’s our first pilot project to certifying a completed building in accordance with BREEAM, and it is an important piece of the puzzle in our transition to a green future. By the end of 2021, we will have gone from one certified property to having certified up to 25 properties. In line with our ambitious sustainability goals, we aim to offset all our emissions by 2023 in accordance with our net zero target. Our ambition is also to switch to 100 percent green electricity by 2025, so this solar plant will be an important step towards achieving our sustainability goals,” says Karin Sjövall, Head of Sustainability at Logicenters.

 “It is great that we now can commission this solar plant for Dustin. Not least because we have been able to carry out this project with Logicenters, an exciting company with high sustainability goals. The fact that it is actively investing in solar energy solutions on its properties is evidenced by this installation and we would like to thank Logicenters for its excellent collaboration,” says Markus Duseus, regional manager at Soltech Energy Solutions.

Solar energy key to the logistics industry
Via NREP, Logicenters has become affiliated with RE100, a global coalition of companies committed to 100% renewable energy. As part of this affiliation, Logicenters has undertaken to switch to 100 percent renewable electricity throughout its properties by 2025. BREEAM certifications* and energy efficiency improvements to the existing building stock are some of the measures being taken to achieve this but, above all, one focus area is solar energy.

– We are constantly working to make the warehouse even more climate-smart. This is an important step towards our sustainability goal of having zero climate impact in the value chain by 2030. In this way, we contribute to the production of new green electricity. We work dedicatedly to reduce emissions in the areas where we can influence in our value chain, says Henrik Lampa, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Dustin.

* BREEAM-SE is used to certify newly constructed buildings and the environmental performance of the building is assessed in a number of different areas. For example, the building’s energy consumption, indoor climate, water management and waste management are assessed and scored. The certification imposes strict requirements, creating a property that contributes significantly to a better environment, while also representing a better investment. With a BREEAM-SE certification, a property can be compared on an international market and both international and Swedish investors believe that this gives a higher value.

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