Logicenters invests in carbon neutrality for logistics building

With its new Triple Zero project, Logicenters is aiming to become a leader in the development of carbon-neutral facilities at all levels. To achieve this ambition, the logistics property company is drawing on inspiration and materials from both the plant world and space.

The property sector is in urgent need of better means of developing and operating facilities in order to reduce the sector’s carbon footprint. Historically, much attention has been paid to reducing the carbon footprint of building operations. There has been less focus on how much the CO2 materials in buildings cost to manufacture, transport and install. Logicenters wants to change this with the Triple Zero project.

The project has now begun, forming part of the Bålsta Logistics Park in northern Stockholm. At the time of writing, detailed planning is under way regarding the choice of materials and construction techniques to be used in the project. For example, the conventional steel frame, walls and roof will be replaced with wooden structures.

We are aiming high and will try to achieve total carbon neutrality with this project. However, it will be difficult to obtain some completely carbon-neutral building materials, such as concrete. At the point we are currently at in the project, we are reducing material-bound CO2 by as much as 60%. So we certainly have some way to go here before we reach zero. The most difficult challenge at the moment is to obtain materials and installations with a low CO2 content that are approved for use. There are many existing and new companies working feverishly on this and the pace of innovation is high, something which is very encouraging. To achieve zero across the project as a whole, we therefore need to balance this by finding materials that sequester more CO2 than they emit, such as wood and hemp. Recycling and reuse of the building once it’s worn out in 50-100 years then needs to function in such a way that the sequestered carbon dioxide is not released back into the atmosphere,” says Eva Sterner, Head of Development Projects at Logicenters.

In line with Logicenters’ ambitious sustainability goal to be completely carbon neutral by 2028, the company sees the Triple Zero project as an important opportunity for continued development and the addition of new knowledge. Among other things, Logicenters has begun to look to space for inspiration and approaches that could potentially lower its carbon footprint.

We are looking at space technology, which is often at the forefront of technological development and was, for example, the first to develop solar cells. We are working with an organisation with access to NASA and it is hoped that innovations will be discovered which can perhaps be implemented here in the long term. It could involve a layer of the space suit which provides a high degree of insulation that could also be used in roof structures, for example, to make them lighter,” continues Sterner.

The name Triple Zero is derived from the ambition to achieve zero emissions during construction and the same during operation. The third zero relates to the construction of carbon-neutral buildings in the future without the costs being higher than for today’s buildings.

At present, the cost structure of these products is higher. You need to increase production volumes in order for prices to go down. We are prepared to absorb the higher price now in order to help create more demand,” concludes Sterner.

The new logistics facility with a total area of 20,000 m2 is scheduled for completion by the end of 2023. The property is being built on speculation, with Logicenters hoping to find a suitable customer with a high environmental profile.

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