Eva Sterner leads Logicenters’ project development department

For the past two years, Logicenters has invested heavily in its project development department, more than doubling the number of employees. Under the leadership of the company’s Head of Development, Eva Sterner, the department will expand further and scale up initiatives in both area efficiency and environmental work. However, Eva Sterner would also like to attract more women to a male-dominated industry.

With a PhD under her belt and a background as Technical Director Due Diligence at WSP and Managing Director at Watts, Eva began working at Logicenters seven years ago. According to Eva, it is the growth journey, a steady flow of interesting projects, and above all, her colleagues who have been significant reasons behind her becoming a long-term presence at Logicenters. In recent years, both Logicenters and her own department have grown significantly. According to her, this is both because the organisation is flexible and has great ambitions, but also because Logicenters is comprised of people who are driven to do things in new and innovative ways.

Eva Sterner is currently head of Logicenters’ project development department, which has expanded from two to eight people since 2017, with further recruitments planned. Central to this future development is the continued ability to attract talent, with Eva particularly wishing to encourage more women and girls to apply to the logistics industry. An industry which has until now been male dominated.

“I am proud to work for a company with such great ambitions and which allows all its employees to grow. As I personally had no female role models in the logistics industry, I would like to be a role model for girls wanting to work at smart logistics properties. For this to be possible, female employees must be both encouraged and promoted. I believe that Logicenters does this every day, which is something I see as both modern and important,” says Eva Sterner, Head of Development at Logicenters.

The project development department has a great responsibility regarding procurement, contact with tenants, property development and the contractual parts of the works contract. The department is constantly striving to find newer, smarter ways to develop modern properties, where 30-metre high-bay warehouses and energy audits exemplify innovative initiatives from Logicenters. With regard to energy efficiency, Eva plays an important role in Logicenters’ work to reduce its carbon footprint. Something which she finds customers are appreciating more and more.

“I am finding that there is increasing focus on the environment within the industry, something which I am very pleased about. We often coach our customers on issues regarding reduced energy consumption, not least by conducting energy audits, and we are finding that we are being listened to. It is my ambition to continue to drive this development forwards in order that we can offer even smarter and more energy-efficient logistics properties with as low a carbon footprint as possible. Being able to lead this development in an organisation where both colleagues and management support my ambitions is something of which I am very proud and something that makes Logicenters an attractive workplace and company,” concludes Eva Sterner.

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