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NREP is committed to lead and accelerate the way towards a carbon neutral sector. We pledge to decarbonise our real estate portfolio well ahead of the IPCC’s target date of net zero by 2050, and become carbon neutral already by 2028 – encompassing both operational and embodied carbon.



We will lead and accelerate the way towards carbon neutral real estate.

This is our most important journey for us as a company and for the planet. This will impact how we build, how we operate and how we make business. We are doing a lot today including life cycle analyses on new builds, RE100, optimization of building material, smart steering systems and of course huge solar installations. But there is more to come! Read more about our journey here.

Future logistics

Our industry is facing a rapid transition where new technology will lead the way. Logistic centers will be an important piece of the puzzle of tomorrows energy infrastructure. Not only are our roofs a gold mine for solar installations, but our gates will probably also be the charging stations for logistic fleet. Logicenters puts much emphasis into these topics together with the major actors on the market. Large scale roof top solar, energy balancing and steering, energy storage, EV charging and micro-grids are just a few topics to solve for capacity shortage and Paris agreement.


Our planet is facing a mass extinction with about 1 million species being in risk. Logistics centers typically hold low ecological value with large areas of hard surface and monocrop greens. Logicenters want to change this and has together with ecologists and landscape architects developed a biodiversity guideline with quantified methods and processes to increase blue and green values on our properties. Each recommendation is site specific due to the ecological systems are local. The outcome is not only for biodiversity, but also for employee wellbeing.

Solar on all roofs

All Logicenters properties will have solar production before 2025!

100% certified assets

Before 2023 is our entire portfolio certified according to BREEAM.

Materials & circularity

”Reduce, reuse, recycle” together with flexible design and new types of materials.

CRREM pathway 1.5°

We follow CRREM pathway energy intensity.

CO2 neutral before 2028

Including operational and emboddied carbon, without offsets.

Renewable energy

Part of RE100, comitted to 100% renewable electricity until 2025.

Better together!

Logicenters has chosen to work together with third party actors and modern metering systems for ESG reporting and verification.

Our own sustainable fund for urban tech investments!


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