Logicenters appoints solar energy expert

Logicenters is continuing to take the lead in a CO2-neutral property sector. The company’s commitment to solar energy has now been strengthened with the recruitment of Jon Malmsten, who will be responsible for the logistics property company’s sustainable energy solutions.

With a sustainability goal to be completely climate neutral by 2028, Logicenters needs to develop all areas of its operations. The ambitious solar strategy has already been implemented at the majority of the company’s logistics facilities and this commitment is now being further developed with a key appointment in this field.

As of 1 April, Jon Malmsten has been employed at Logicenters as Energy transition expert with responsibility for sustainability and energy solutions at properties under management as well as in development projects.

“Personally, I believe it is as natural to incorporate solar cells on the roof of a facility as it is to build floors and walls inside. Our facilities already cover a total area of more than two million m2 and our ambition is to cover this whole area with solar cells. Logicenters currently has more than 20 facilities with solar cell installation, a figure that is set to double as a result of ongoing customer dialogue. Having said that, we are certain that Jon’s days with us will be easy to fill and this is a key appointment for us,” says Matthias Kettelhoit, CEO at Logicenters.

Jon Malmsten joins us from Aktea Energy, where he was responsible for strategy and the needs analysis of charging infrastructure for companies planning to switch to fossil-free operation for their service vehicles. He has also previously worked as a lecturer at the University of Gotland, focusing on wind power technology.

“I am very excited to have this opportunity to challenge myself and contribute towards the high sustainability goals of a CO2-neutral company. As builders of large logistics facilities, we have excellent conditions and thus a responsibility to take a leading role in the installation of solar energy on our large roofs. There are also interesting synergies here, as solar power can charge the electric distribution vehicles of the future. There is a great deal going on in the market right now and Logicenters can make a difference,” says Jon Malmsten.

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