Helping Dagrofa FoodService to establish a new distribution center

Property facts

Property name Vejleåvej 13

Area (location) Ishøj, Copenhagen

Country Denmark

Type DC

Closest highway E20

Distance to highway 2 min

Construction year 2017

Total area 30 599 m2

Free clearance 6/10 m

Loading docks 50

Load bearing 5000 kg/m2

Project background

Dagrofa Foodservice (DFS) needed a new distribution center close to Copenhagen to support their growth plans.

No land was available with the right location and size, but Logicenters was already in dialogue with Ishøj Municipality regarding acquisition of land in a public tender.

What we did 

Logicenters entered an LOI with DFS and acquired 100,000 sqm of land from Ishøj Municipality in April 2016.

Approx. 75,000 sqm of the land was earmarked to DFS and the construction started in August 2016.

It was critical for DSF to be able to take over the warehouse in July 2017, which was managed through a successful three stage handover during Q3 2017 from Logicenters to DSF.

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