FREJA extends cooperation with Logicenters in Denmark

FREJA Transport & Logistics A/S has operated from the facility in Høje-Taastrup since 2004. A new lease has now been signed between Logicenters and FREJA to extend this cooperation for a further 15 years. Additionally, the property is currently awaiting new upgrades.

The lease has now been extended between property owner Logicenters and tenant FREJA. Since 2004, the transport and logistics company has operated from the property in Høje-Taastrup in Denmark. The new agreement means that FREJA will stay until 2033, an extension of 15 years. In addition, a part of the 15,929 m2 facility will be upgraded to handle pharmaceutical products, including fitted with a new heating and cooling system.

The facility is located at Litauen Allé 6 in Høje-Taastrups TransportCenter, 15 km from Copenhagen. FREJA Transport & Logistics A/S supplies and stores goods, such as pharmaceuticals, to customers who place high demands on transport as well as warehouse logistics. Furthermore, the facility it is one of FREJA’s international cross dock locations in Denmark.

“FREJA is a key customer for Logicenters, which makes us extremely proud to extend our cooperation. We strive to be a strategic partner to our tenants and understand the importance of offering flexible facilities with modern specifications. Hence, the scheduled upgrade of the property FREJA uses,” says Mikael Sahlin Olesen, Asset Manager at Logicenters.

“We’ve always been very happy and proud of this location, and since approximately 6,000 m2 logistics warehouse needs upgrading to handle pharmaceutical products, it makes sense to conclude this agreement with Logicenters. An owner we always have had a good and developing cooperation with, and in this 15 year agreement we have built in an exit clause that gives us the degrees of freedom we as a Group Concern in growth always seek and wants to cover,” says Ulrik Rasmussen, FREJA Denmark’s CEO.

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