Strong first half of 2018 for Logicenters

It has been a successful first half year for Logicenters. With 15 important agreements in place regarding acquisitions, leases and new developments, the logistics facility provider strengthens its position on the Nordic markets. Furthermore, Logicenters completed three properties and signed three letters of interest during the first six months of 2018. In total, the fund now owns more than 1,6 millions sqm in the Nordic countries, which makes Logicenters the leading provider of modern logistics properties in the region.

Logicenters’s strategy is to acquire, own and develop high quality logistics properties in important locations and nodes in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. A strategy that shows good results since the last six months were characterized by new acquisitions, tenants and development projects at strategic locations such as Arlanda, Jönköping, Odense and Hämeenlinna.

During the first and second quarter Logicenters strengthened its portfolio on all markets with eight new lease agreements, on a total area of 113 500 sqm. Three acquisitions has been incorporated amounting 55 000 sqm. The logistics facility provider also completed three properties on a total area of more than 67 000 sqm and started four new developments in the same size. Right before the summer, three new letters of interest has been signed where final negotiations now proceed.

– We’ve been able to further strengthen our competitiveness this six-month period by being agile and always offer adjustable facilities with modern specifications. In addition to the property developments we’ve also strengthened internally with five important recruitments, says Matthias Kettelhoit, Commercial Head of Logicenters.

Flexibility is an essential success factor for Logicenters. To meet e-retailers shifting needs, long-term investments has been made in the facilities. Zalando, Babyshop and soon Bythjul are examples of online stores that utilize Logicenters’s properties as distribution centers.

­– Our business model is tailored to customers with changing businesses and the flexibility makes us suitable as a long-term partner. We were well prepared when the e-commerce market advanced and could therefore fully support their businesses from the start. Now, we expect an equally strong second half-year and are planning several establishments in areas such as Brunna Logistikpark, Ventrupparken and Viared, says Matthias Kettelhoit.



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