Copenhagen, Greve

Ventrupparken 4, Denmark


Property facts

Property name Ventrupparken 4

Area (location) Copenhagen, Greve

Country Denmark

Type CD

Address Ventrupparken 4

Closest highway E20

Distance to highway 2 min

Construction year 2019

Total area 14 872 m2

Vacant area 3712 m2

Buildable area 16 000 m2

Free clearance 10 m

Logicenters is currently developing a modern logistics cross-docking terminal of 15,000 sqm. With almost 12 metres to the roof, this modern cross-docking facility will enjoy added flexible specifications for future use, for example by using it as a distribution centre. The property is scheduled to complete in 2020, at which point the tenant, Bring Danmark, will move in its operations. The facility will be particularly visible as it’s positioned adjacent to the busy E20 motorway leading in to Copenhagen and further in to Sweden.

The facility will have a clear environmental profile and will be equipped with solar panels on the roof. Also, the safety of the employees is highly prioritised with the construction of a footbridge leading people from the car park to the mezzanine offices while avoiding any pedestrians passing the lorry terminals.

Greve logistics area is located 25 kilometers from Copenhagen city centre next to motorway E20. The property is located less than 1 kilometer from the nearest motorway exit.

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