More steel than in the Eiffel Tower: Logicenters orders 8000 tonnes of steel for Bålsta

Eight thousand tonnes of steel. This is the quantity of steel that Logicenters has now ordered from Ruukki Building Systems Oy for the continued development of what will become one of Europe’s largest logistics facilities in Bålsta. The building will be around 125,000 m2 in area and is being developed for tenant Dagab. The scope of delivery comprises steel frame, façades and partition walls among other parts.

The development of Logicenters’ 125,000 m2 facility in Bålsta, just outside Stockholm, is in full swing. The next phase of the development is now beginning, with Logicenters having signed a contract with Ruukki Building Systems Oy regarding the supply of steel for the property. The delivery comprises the steel frame, façades, partition walls, roof and doors, totalling more than 8000 tonnes of steel. This means that more steel will be used in the logistics facility than was used to build the Eiffel Tower.

“It is great that the development of our facility in Bålsta is on track. It was not easy finding a company able to deliver the amount of steel required for our facility in accordance with our tight schedule. It is therefore gratifying to have now begun a collaboration with Ruukki Building Systems Oy which meets our high standards in terms of both quantity and quality of deliveries,” says Eva Sterner, Head of Development at Logicenters.

The groundworks and casting of the concrete foundations are currently under way. During the summer, work will begin on the frame and façades – which is also when it will be possible to get a sense of the vastness of this large-scale facility.

“At Ruukki, we are proud to be part of Logicenters’ ambitious logistics development. Like Logicenters, we believe in a sustainable approach to what we do and therefore take care to ensure that the products we are now producing for the facility meet the high standards required. The fact that the collaboration is for such a large amount is, of course, also a feather in our cap,” says Magnus Thelm at Ruukki Building Systems Oy.

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