Logicenters wins Logistics Establishment of the Year 2018

Logicenters and its tenant Zalando have won the Logistics Establishment of the Year 2018 award at the largest transport and logistics fair in the Nordic region. The award is presented by Intelligent Logistik.

In autumn 2018, Logicenters completed the development of a 30,000 m2 logistics facility. The project, owned by Logicenters, has now been selected as a winner at the largest transportation and logistics fair in the Nordic region. Its optimal location in the municipality of Upplands-Bro, just outside Stockholm, the environmental certification according to Green Building and optimised floor space with mezzanines on three levels have enabled the logistics facility to meet the award criteria.

The award is presented by Intelligent Logistik and aims to highlight a facility which meets a real need, is innovative and a smart solution from the perspective of flow for users and customers in its choice of logistics location, is energy efficient and provides the lowest possible environmental impact and is a workplace that safeguards the well-being of its employees.


The jury’s motivation:

“Zalando’s facility in Brunna is a step in the logistics chain that has a clear starting point to improve service for its customers. The location in Upplands-Bro is ideal for serving customers in both the Nordic region and Stockholm region with fast delivery. The design of the warehouse with three levels is a new concept which we are likely to see more of in the future – especially in Stockholm where land is expensive and difficult to access. Both the aesthetics and the logistics solution of the warehouse are at the forefront of how e-commerce warehouses will be designed in the future. Both the facility and the solution are examples of excellent interaction between cargo owners, logistics operators and property partners.”


“It feels great that this project gets attention. The development took place during an extremely busy time, but thanks to outstanding cooperation with both Zalando and Ingram everything went according to plan. Due to the Logicenters creative team we also managed to support Zalando’s growth with a temporary facility during the period,” says Matthias Kettelhoit, Head of Commercial of Logicenters.


Jury for Logistics Establishment of the Year 2018

Tobias Jonasson, Mysigma

Linda Persson, Savills

Hilda Hultén, Intelligent Logistik

Gustaf Berencreutz, Intelligent Logistik

Matthias Kettelhoit (Logicenters), David Hejgaard (Zalando) and Eva Sterner (Logicenters)

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