Logicenters will develop Huhtamäki’s new energy-efficient manufacturing facility in Hämeenlinna, Finland

Logicenters, the largest owner and developer of modern logistics properties in the Nordic region, will develop a modern manufacturing facility next to Huhtamäki’s logistics center in the Käikälä industrial park in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The facility is to become a true specimen of expertise in energy-efficient construction. The construction of the facility began in July 2018 and the facility will be completed during 2019.

Energy efficiency and sustainability have been taken widely into consideration in the design of the manufacturing facility. The aim in the heating of buildings is to achieve the most energy-efficient overall solution with geothermal energy as the main form of heating, supplemented by natural gas and the waste heat from the facility’s production process. In addition to utilizing the waste heat generated in the process in the heat recovery system, the heat can also be stored in the ground and effectively used in heating the property.

Investments into energy efficiency are also planned in the external structures and lighting of the property. Wall and ceiling airtightness will be designed to meet the standards of energy-efficient building technology, and the lighting, which will use LED technology, will be controlled by an intelligent lighting system that can adjust the lighting based on conditions, among other things. The lighting solution achieved can be up to 80 percent more energy-efficient than traditional fluorescent lighting. In addition, there are plans to build a 750 kWp solar power plant on the property, as well as an energy monitoring system that can be used to monitor the energy consumption of the facility at an hourly level in more than 10 measuring points.

Buildings make up a huge amount of the total energy consumption in Finland. Sustainability is important to us in all our operations, and we are proud to bring new innovative solutions to energy-efficient construction,” says Jani Nokkanen, Partner at NREP.

The new manufacturing facility will replace Huhtamäki’s current facility, which was built in the 1960s. YIT Oy is the construction contractor in the project.

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