Logicenters to install solar cells across 800,000 m2

Logicenters is continuing to concentrate on a sustainable future. To lead the move towards a carbon-neutral sector, the company has decided to more than double its ownership of solar cell installations in the coming years.

With a sustainability goal to be completely carbon neutral by 2028, Logicenters has decided to pioneer the use of renewable energy at its facilities.
The decision has been made to cover roofs with solar panels on all new builds and to install them on existing roofs where possible.

In total, Logicenters aims to install around 800,000 m2 of solar cells over the next three years. This area is equivalent to a total of 133 football pitches. In total, this investment would generate potential annual production of 85,000 MWh, sufficient household electricity for more than the whole of Östersund (24,290 households).

The logistics property sector has the necessary conditions and therefore a responsibility to take a leading role in the expansion of solar energy on our large roof areas. We are also building for tomorrow, when solar power will be used to charge the electric distribution vehicles of the future. It is here that we at Logicenters feel we can make a big difference,” says Jon Malmsten, solar energy expert at Logicenters.

Over the last year, this ambitious solar cell strategy has already seen construction of the largest roof-mounted solar plant in the Nordic region, covering 80,000 m2. The plant was built for Dagab in Bålsta and is set to become operational in March.

For me, it goes without saying that we should continue our commitment to solar energy for a carbon-neutral tomorrow. The property sector continues to account for 40% of global emissions and there is an urgent need to find better ways both to develop and to operate properties. Everyone must assume responsibility and it is our ambition to be at the forefront of the Nordic market,” says Matthias Kettelhoit, CEO of Logicenters.

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