Logicenters is developing an 8,000 m2 property for Puumerkki in Finland

It has now been announced that Logicenters has acquired an 19,000 m2 plot near Helsinki Airport. In connection with the deal, Logicenters has also signed an agreement with Puumerkki Oy, which will lease the new property starting from the summer of 2025.


Logistics property operator Logicenters continues its expansion journey with a land acquisition in Vantaa, Finland. The land is sold by the construction company Jatke Toimitilat Oy, which will develop a new logistics property on the site. In connection with the purchase, Logicenters has also signed a long-term lease agreement with the wood construction expert Puumerkki Oy.


”We are very pleased to start the new year with this acquisition. It is a sought-after plot with a very good logistics location. Signing a lease agreement with Puumerkki, which will have a property specially tailored to their needs, feels really exciting. It further strengthens our presence in Finland, and we look forward to more exciting acquisitions during the year”, says Jarkko Äikää, Commercial Director, Logicenters Finland.


Puumerkki is a regional expert in wood construction products and services. The company operates within five product categories such as decorative products, façade construction, framework construction, furnishing solutions, and sauna products. The new facility of 8,000 m2 will be developed according to Puumerkki’s wishes and needs, and the property is expected to be completed in the summer of 2025.


“We are very satisfied that the new property will be realized taking our and our customers’ need into account. The location was one important thing when we were thinking about improving our accessibility and service ability in Helsinki Metropolitan area. In the new location, we are closer to our customers, and the move also supports our goal of more environmentally friendly operations”, says Panu Miettinen, CEO at Puumerkki.

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