Largest rooftop solar park in the Nordic region

Logicenters is making a record-breaking investment in renewable energy. Construction of the largest rooftop solar plant in the Nordic region is now under way in Bålsta, just outside Stockholm. The solar field occupies an area of 80,000 m2.

Construction of Logicenters’ facility in Bålsta began three years ago and is scheduled for completion in 2023. The property will be one of Europe’s largest logistics properties with Dagab, Axfood’s purchasing and logistics company, being the long-term tenant.

An agreement has now also been signed between Logicenters, Dagab and the supplier Solkompaniet to build the largest rooftop solar park in the Nordic region. The roof measures 104,000 m2, with the solar field occupying about 80,000 m2 – one of the largest solar parks in the whole of Europe. This is equivalent to eleven football pitches.

“Our record-breaking investment in renewable energy is a natural part of achieving our ambitious sustainability goals of a CO2-neutral company. Logicenters currently has more than 20 sites where solar panels are installed, a figure that we are doubling through ongoing customer dialogue. We are very proud and excited about this collaboration, which is a real sunshine story. This solar park will truly be the crowning glory of one of Europe’s most modern property developments,” says Matthias Kettelhoit, CEO at Logicenters.

The rooftop solar park will comprise 16,553 bifacial panels fitted with double-sided active solar cells. These are of high quality, ensuring extra-long durability. The plant is expected to produce around 7,880 MWh annually, which equates to 1,000 laps around the earth in an electric car.

“Our major investment in solar energy is part of the wider green transition to which we are committed, as a means of creating a more sustainable food system. Access to more renewable energy in society is crucial to slowing climate change in time,” says Klas Balkow, Axfood President and CEO.

The setup is similar to a so-called PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), where Axfood commits to purchase all the electricity generated over the next 25 years while installation, operation and maintenance are handled by Logicenters through Solkompaniet. Axfood also has the option to resell any surplus electricity.

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