NREP Logistics AB and Skandinavisk Transport Center (STC) agrees on development of 60.000 M2 land

For a while, there has been very limited plots available at STC, however, with the municipal decision to mature another 500,000 sq.m. additional expansion options are now under way. Hence, NREP Logistics AB has decided to enter into a binding cooperation with STC in this new area.

”To NREP Logistics AB, the plan is to continue our strategy on developing modern and flexible logistics facilities that take into consideration our customers’ requests and demands for a green profile. We view STC as one of the region’s most well-located and promising business areas and we expect to have a long-term commitment in this area”, says Rune Kock, Investment Manager, NREP Logistics AB.

”At the moment, one sees a significant cluster formation and in my opinion, there is an additionally large synergy for those companies that choose to settle right here in Køge – not the least compared to the rapid development that Køge Havn and STC are going through right now”, adds Thomas Elm Kampmann, Managing Director, Skandinavisk Transport Center.

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