Logicenters is a long-term owner with focus on high quality interior, exterior and other building specification.

Development through a fast and efficient process shown in numerous projects together with leading and established partners.

Why Logicenters


NREP is committed to lead and accelerate the way towards a carbon neutral sector. We pledge to decarbonise our real estate portfolio well ahead of the IPCC’s target date of net zero by 2050, and become carbon neutral already by 2028 – encompassing both operational and embodied carbon.

How we work


Logicenters can offer various lease lengths and step-in models depending on customer needs. Logicenters can offer favourable financing solutions on automated storage solutions (e.g. Autostore).

Why Logicenters


Logicenters can help with finding the right geographical location through center of gravity analysis. Logicenters is present across the Nordics and can offer locations in five countries.

Why Logicenters


Logicenters has a long-term focus supported by an institutional ownership base and hands-on flexible tenant support.As a long-term partner, Logicenters regularly supports our tenants in building extensions and new developments as their needs evolve over time.

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