Construction starts on Logicenters Triple Zero – Aiming for carbon neutrality

Logicenters have started the construction on its project Triple Zero, the company’s most ambitious sustainability project. The building is now officially underway after the timber frame for the new logistics facility was erected.


Logicenters wants to keep developing the real estate industry, which is in great need of reducing its entire carbon footprint. To take a step closer to a carbon-neutral future, the Triple Zero project has now been initiated.


The new facility, which will be part of Bålsta Logistikpark in northern Stockholm, focuses on finding new innovative materials with low CO2 footprints based on production, transportation, and operation from a life cycle perspective. Logicenters has replaced the traditional steel frame with a timber frame, and facades that are normally made of steel and stone wool will now be timber facades with hemp insulation. Concrete, which has a significant carbon footprint, has been optimized in floor structures and replaced with more environmentally friendly alternatives. In addition to this, many more innovative solutions for energy supply have been developed.


When we started planning Triple Zero, it really felt like we were aiming high. But we have already exceeded our expectations by daring to challenge and drive innovation. Triple Zero serves as a catalyst for development, and we will take the best parts into our future projects and thus achieve real change”, says Eva Sterner, head of development projects at Logicenters.


The new logistics facility is planned to be fully completed by the end of 2023, with a total area of 20,000 square meters. The property is being built on speculation, and Logicenters hopes to find a suitable tenant with a high environmental profile.


Logicenters really wants to lead the way and show what is possible. Daring to build sustainably is a major and expensive investment, but to meet tomorrow’s requirements, we see the investment as a matter of course. The real estate industry can no longer ignore the environmental consequences, and everyone needs to take full responsibility. Triple Zero will hopefully spread both knowledge and inspiration for others to follow”, says Matthias Kettelhoit, CEO at Logicenters.

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