Bufab Finland Oy to Logicenters

Global trading company, Bufab Finland Oy, has moved into Logicenters’ property in Kerava, just outside Helsinki. The long lease agreement is for a 5,000 m2 logistics property and 750 m2 of office space.

Bufab Finland Oy, the market-leading supplier of components to the global manufacturing industry, has now signed a long lease with Logicenters. The lease agreement is for a total of 5,750 m2 of the logistics property company’s modern logistics property in Kerava, Finland, just outside Helsinki. Of this space, 5,000 m2 is for a warehouse and the remaining 750 m2 will be the company’s Finnish head office.

“It is very gratifying that we can support Bufab in its continued growth and that they have chosen to move into our property in Kerava. We have previously enjoyed a successful collaboration with Bufab in Vantaa, where they were our tenant. So, it feels great to collaborate once again and we would like to warmly welcome them to their new logistics property,” says Jarkko Äikää, Commercial Director, Logicenters Finland.

Geographically speaking, Kerava is optimally located for logistics operations and is a strategically important location in the Helsinki region. Its proximity to Savio railway station also provides excellent commuting options to and from Helsinki.

“It is great to have moved into our new modern property in Kerava. It is located in an attractive area with outstanding transport links, something we value greatly. We would also like to thank Logicenters for an excellent collaboration,” says Juha Kankaanpää, CEO of Bufab Finland Oy.

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