Logicenters is the leader of modern logistics properties in the Nordics.

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Logicenters is a leading provider of modern logistics properties in the Nordics with a presence in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland and over 1 million square meters of logistics space. We develop, re-develop and own modern logistics properties in virtually all key locations in the region. We are specialized in modern logistics, with all our properties meeting the high standards of quality, efficiency and flexibility demanded by world class logistics operations.

A pan-nordic platform

Logicenters is specializing in modern Distribution Centers and Cross-Docking Terminals with flexible designs and specifications to cater for the ever changing needs of today’s logistics operations.


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Development opprtunities:

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Total area:

~1,5 million m2


Sweden, Denmark, 
Finland, Norway


Elektronikhöjden 6-10

Veddesta 2:80, Sweden

The building was originally built early/mid 70-ties by IBM and have during the years worked well…

TOTAL AREA 33 444 m2
VACANT AREA 4 226 m2
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Truckgatan 6

Truckföraren 1 , Sweden

The building is generally in good condition and caters all modern CD needs. Örebro is one…

TOTAL AREA 13 620 m2
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Vejleåvej 11

Vejleåvej 11, Denmark

TOTAL AREA 13 428 m2
VACANT AREA 8 909 m2
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